Rescue Gaara Arc.

It's been 2 1/2 years since Naruto Uzumaki has left for his training with Jiraiya, the Toad Sage. Naruto comes and says hi to everyone of his friends he saw on that day, and they're happy that he's back. Everyone has become a Chunin and Shikamaru became a Chunin Examiner, that was a Genin in the original series, but Neji along with Kankuro and Temari have become Jonins. Gaara has rised to become the 5th Kazekage, when Naruto hears that he becomes even more determined to become Hokage. Naruto and Sakura are confronted by Kakashi, and he wants to see how much they've grown. But meanwhile, around the same time, the Akatsuki have begun to head towards Gaara and the Hidden Sand Village. Naruto and Sakura start off good, but as the battle drags on, it gets harder for them and easier for Kakashi. Deidara, a member of Akatsuki confronts Gaara in a challenging fight. Thanks to the power of Sand and the Shukkaku, he has the upper hand, and speaking about hands, Deidara got his left hand blown off by the Sand Burial. Naruto attacks with a Rasengan, and Kakashi dodges it but Sakura tries to attacks him, but fails. Deidara uses a C3 jutsu technique, and Gaara's sand helps block. Gaara finally gets blown up while inside the Shukkaku's Shield, because of Deidara's smart tactics. After Gaara loses the Akatsuki captures Gaara. Then Kankuro sprints and confronts one of them, Sasori, in his Hiruko puppet. He easily loses to Sasori and gets all 3 of his puppets destroyed, Crow, Black Ant, and Salamander. The Leaf sends Team Guy to track down Akatsuki and Team Kakashi to go help Kankuro at the Sand Village, with the help of Sakura's Medical Ninjutsu. After they're about to leave, one of the elders of the village, Chiyo, joins Team Kakashi. While on the way Team Guy bumps into Kisame Hoshigaki, one of Guy's old enemies. And Team Kakashi finds Itachi Uchiha, and Kakashi starts out fighting, but Naruto gets trapped in a Genjutsu spell. Sakura and Elder Chiyo help him by forcing Chakra into him, the Genjutsu is dispelled. During the Fight with Kisame, Might Guy is forced to open up the Eight Inner Gates to defeat him. He goes all the way up to gate number 6 and uses the Morning Peacock Jutsu to defeat him. Meanwhile, Itachi gets defeated by Naruto's Odama Rasengan, but the leader of Akatsuki uses a Shape Shifting Jutsu, to buy time. When they brake the seal a clone of every member of Team Guy is formed, and they have equal strength. Inside, Deidara takes Gaara's body and flies outside, and then Naruto and Kakashi follow him. Meanwhile Sakura and Chiyo stay to fight Sasori, it took quite a bit of time, but they broke Sasori's Hiruko puppet. Kakashi Activates his new Sharingan on Deidara, Which has the ability to become a vortex that blows any object that gets sucked in to another dimension. After he fails to get Deidara but gets his right arm, Naruto goes and fights him, but soon goes up to 2 Tails from the Nine Tailed Fox. Kakashi uses a Seal to stop Naruto and bring him back to his normal form, then Deidara is cornered by Team Guy. Sakura and Chiyo uses their smarts and beats Sasori, even though he had an army of 100 and they had 10. Outside Deidara, uses his C4 Garuda, and tries to scuicide himself and everyone else, but Kakashi's Mangekyou Sharingan saves them all. In the end Chiyo gives her life to save Gaara with a Jutsu and they return to the Hidden Sand and the next day says their good byes.

Sasuke Retrieval Arc.

A little while after

Hidan and Kakuzu Arc.

Hunt for Itachi Arc.

Invasion of Pain Arc

Kage Summit Arc.

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